Extremely distinct thirty years old

For some people, turning 30 years of age is a significant development. To a couple of, it denotes the end of youth, while others consider it to be the start of complete grown the adult years. Paris-based photo taker Stephane Domingues, who turned 30 in December 2013, sees the 30s as a duration to be emphatic and particular after a time of self-revelation in your 20s. Inquisitive about what other 30-year-olds thought about the huge 3-0, Domingues gathered his sacks and left on a round-the-world outing to tape the countenances and expressions of 30-year-olds over the globe. Through representations and inside and out meetings, Domingues provides an around the world viewpoint on being 30.

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Anne. Consultant. Paris, France.
“I am 30, I don’t feel old, I am young at heart… That’s what really matters!”

Maceo. Entrepreneur. Los Angeles, USA.
“They say that in your 30s you settle in your identity, and I feel that’s very much true…”

Beatrice. Entrepreneur. Likoma Island, Malawi.
“I am oId…because 30 is a lot of years…I have 3 chidren already, the oldest is 11. That is almost as if the next generation was already there… It seems like my life is already settled and won’t deviate much from what it is now in the future.”


Kevin. Software developer. Cape Town, South Africa.
“I don’t feel old, just more experienced and that’s really a good thing!”

Janice. Marketing consultant. So Paulo, Brazil.
“I have a lot to do in a really short time… Travel as much as possible, get married, and have children, and write a book… I need dreams to be happy!”mymodernmet.com