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If you have an interest in art and sculpture then this is the post that you must check out. All the photographs will offer you a look of the amazing imagination and craftsmanship of the artist those have dealt with these pieces. To get a closer look at the pieces, you need to log on to the link that has actually been offered here. The realism of these sculptures is enough to draw in the eyes of lots of to these. Due to the individuality of the sculptures, the artists are getting a lot of affection form people from all over the world.

So start checking out famous art sculptures immediately.

If you are browsing for best modern sculptors, you have come on the outstanding post page. via:

Ron Mueck

Materials used: Mixed Media [link]
Nathan Sawaya

Material used: LEGO bricks [link]
Peter Jansen

Material used: Polyamide [link]
Sal Hernndez

Material used: Bronze [link]
Gerry Judah

Material used: Steel [link]
Jason de Caires

Materials used: Cement, sand, micro silica, fibre glass, ceramic tiles, live coral [link]

Chris Dorosz

Materials used: Splotches of acrylic paint on hung monofilament. [link]
Peter Callesen

Materials used: Paper and glue [link]

Makoto Tojiki

Materials used: Hanging LED threads [link]

Thomas Broome

Materials used: Paint and polymer [link]

Mark Jenkins

Material used: Packaging tape in clothing [link]

David Mach

Materials used: Coat hangers [link]

Susy Oliveira

Materials used: C-prints and foamcore [link]

Duane Hanson

Materials used: Autobody filler,fibreglass and mixed media, polychromed bronze with accessories [link]

Kittiwat Unarrom

Material used: Bread [link]

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