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Photo: The Gay Beards

As spring sets in, guys have offered a though to commemorate it’s forthcoming . They have decided to decorate their beard with flowers and embrace themselves in a brilliant and gay state of mind which matches with the mood of the season to a fantastic degree . Take a look at the image gallery here you will find hairy males embellishing their complete grown beard with flower petals and flowers. In some photos you will discover that the males have actually decided to color their beard in order to highlight the presence of the flowers. This is indeed a treat for the eye.

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Photo: Daniel Richard

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Photo: The Gay Beards

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Photo: Andrea Giacomelli

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Photo: Georgi Carstens

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Photo: Katie Oakes

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Photo: The Catatonic Mr. Goc

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Photo: Melissa J. Chandler

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Photo: Zach Hofmann

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Photo: Celeste